Ελληνικά is a specialized Domain Name, ideal for shipping businesses, but also any business, as its namesake, the hero Theseus, in addition to being a seafarer, is the hero who overcame all odds to defeat the Minotaur and reach to its purpose.

Small and easy for your customers to remember, it can become the name of your company, or a cruise ship, a hotel, and it leads the mind to open seas and horizons. is being sold together with its little brother, to whoever makes the best offer until December 31, 2023, but also immediately, if your offer is satisfactory to its owner, Mr. Konstantinos G. Tolis. If you do not win the auction, your money will be refunded on 1-1-2024, or sooner if the domain names are sold elsewhere.

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Who is Mr. Konstantinos Tolis?